Murder and a Blue Hawaii


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Ready for a getaway?
Come to Waikiki!
You’ll barely notice the occasional murder with our breathtaking waters, warm sand, and glorious hikes.

Alana Park will solve any mysteries that pop up on your stay. Her bar, Blue Hawaii, is conveniently located next to her best friend Maya’s spectacular hotel.

Sandy Turtle Hotel will take care of all your hospitality needs. You’ll receive luxury accommodations at affordable rates. Don’t mind the body that washed up on the sand.

Bentley Barber had it coming.

As an unforgiving loan shark, Bentley made a lot of enemies—including Alana. She didn’t kill Bentley, but having borrowed a large sum from him isn’t doing Alana any favors.

Alana’s got to find the real killer before she’s the one accused. It doesn’t help that everyone looks murderous with the pirate convention in town. Germaphobe Alana Park has to sort through the nooses, swords, and hook hands to catch the murderer.

And then take a long shower. Catching a killer is a dirty business.

(But your stay at Sandy Turtle won’t be! Wrap yourself up in a freshly laundered robe and relax with room service. Or head down to Blue Hawaii for the pirate costume contest. Winner gets $10,000. Now that’s a prize to die for.)