The Movie Star Arrangement

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Crashing Oliver Arden’s party was easy. With a fancy dress, dangerously high heels, and determination, getting into the hottest rising action star’s soiree was no problem.

I’m an aspiring screenwriter, waitressing to make ends meet. Oliver’s life is worlds away from mine.

So when I crash his party, the last thing I expect is to wind up playing his fake girlfriend.

I definitely didn’t think I’d fall for him.


Mandy the party crasher isn’t the type of woman I normally date. I’ve got a history of short and sweet relationships with stunningly beautiful models.

Mandy’s normal. She’s gorgeous, exciting, and treats me like a normal person instead of a famous one.

The media thinks I’m dating Vicky Wright, an actress who has mad social media skills and a killer fan base.

A photo of me and Mandy at the party leaks, making it appear as though I’m dating Mandy—meaning that I was cheating on Vicky.

With my latest movie about to release, a cheating scandal is the last thing I need. I do the only thing I can think of and convince Mandy to play the part of my girlfriend.

How could I have known that the line between acting and reality would be hard to figure out?

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